ACCESS Background Fingerprint Appointments

The HCSO is proud to be the first in the nation to implement the ACCESS™ Background Check System.  It’s available for businesses, non-profits, and Hendry County’s citizens. 

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office ACCESS digital fingerprinting system CANNOT be used for Concealed Weapons Permits. (CCW)

Currently, the HCSO will assist the applicant by completing rolled ink prints on a fingerprint card provided by the applicant at no fee.  However, we suggest that you make arrangements with the Hendry County Tax Collector’s Office for this purpose. They are able to assist you through the entire process from start to finish, including providing the prints you will need.

If you attempt to use ACCESS for a Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) permit, either by entering an ORI when registering online or requesting your own FBI background check in ACCESS, your fingerprints will be rejected by FDLE and will create issues processing your concealed weapons packet.

If you have registered in error online and scheduled an appointment in ACCESS for a concealed weapons permit please contact ACCESS Support as directed below:

During normal business hours, call the ACCESS Support Line before you are printed at 703-575-2474 to request a refund.  Note: The time it takes for your refund to appear in your account depends on your financial institution’s policies and is outside of our control.


Need a Background Check?  Schedule an appointment at:

 Have questions?  Want more information?  Email or call (863) 674-5600.

By appointment only.  The ACCESS™ Hours are: M-F 8:00am-11:00am & 1:00pm to 3:00pm.