The Hendry County Sheriff's Office is working hard to ensure the safety of the people in our community through awareness and education.  

Human Trafficking is a growing problem worldwide and quickly becoming the most common criminal act, second only to drug trafficking. 

 In response to this growing crime the Hendry County Sheriff's Office has developed the Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) under the direction of Sgt. Hainley to address Human Trafficking issues.

 CLICK HERE to learn more about how YOU can make a difference by knowing the signs of Human Trafficking.

 If you are a victim or suspect someone may be a victim of Human Trafficking contact Sgt. Hainley at 863-674-5600 or 863-673-6045.

 If you would like free on-site training for your church, business or school contact Sgt Hainley to schedule.  

TOGETHER, we CAN make a difference!