The Hendry County Sheriff’s Gun Range and Training facility is located at 700 Witt Road near the Pioneer Plantation Community.  The range offers well equipped pistol, rifle, and shotgun ranges, along with a modern classroom type training area that is also available. While the primary purpose of the range is for the qualification and certification of Law Enforcement Personnel, the range is open to the public at the published days and times below. 

Presently, hours for the public are:

·         Wednesday and Saturday 8:00am until 3:00pm

·         The Range is closed for all National Holidays, inclement weather and special events.

·         Persons may call Ken Brodack at 863-885-1142 or the Sheriff's Office main number at 863-674-5600 to determine the status of the range when weather conditions dictate.


Liability is a serious concern. Range shooters must take a Mandatory Safety course. Law Enforcement, 218, Hunter Safety, CCW holders and current Active Duty Military members, are of course exempt from the safety course.