Special Weapons and Tactics

The Special Response Team (SRT)  is primarily used to serve high-risk search warrants where occupants are suspected of being armed and/or dangerous. Because narcotics and firearms are closely linked in the criminal community, SRT serves all Narcotics warrants as well. They also respond, when required, to other situations such as barricaded subjects, wanted suspects who might be armed and dangerous, and any other time they are needed. The team is comprised of deputy sheriff’s and detectives who have agreed to serve the citizens of Hendry County in this high-risk, high-liability position.

They do not receive any compensation over and above their normal salaries to perform the duties of a SRT member. SRT members train together on a regular basis to maintain those skills and to ensure they can all work smoothly together. They are periodically required to take a fitness and accuracy test and must frequently qualify with a variety of weapons. To date, no Sheriff’s Office SRT team member has been seriously injured or killed during the performance of their duties.

The Sheriff’s SRT team is a countywide unit. They frequently work with many other agencies, local, state and federal.