The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office East District Patrol Division is responsible for providing Law Enforcement services to those residents who call this geographic area of Hendry County home.  Of the 1190 square miles that Hendry County covers the East District Patrol Division is approximately 750 square miles.  Although this area is widely rural and agricultural in nature there are several densely populated areas located within this district whose residents depend on the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office for Law Enforcement services.  These areas include the City of Clewiston and all outer lying communities, as well as the communities of Montura, Flaghole, and Ladeca.

The Deputies of the East District Patrol Division are responsible for the approximate 750 square miles, which begins just east of the Pioneer Community and extends eastward to the Palm Beach County line.  The East District Patrol Division prides itself as being a “community district” providing an open door policy to the citizens it serves.  The district includes day and night patrols as well as Community Oriented Policing Deputies and strives to provide services based on community needs.  Deputies assigned to this district handle a wide variety of calls for service from assisting citizens with simple directions to handling wide variety of criminal complaints.  Deputies assigned to this district patrol a wide variety of locale ranging from farms to subdivisions to retail complexes and industrial sites.

The District Headquarters Office is located within the City of Clewiston at 100 E.  El Paso Ave., which is open to the public 24 hours a day seven days a week and is a full service extension of the main headquarters office in LaBelle.  Citizens have access to all services at this location with the exception of electronic fingerprinting, which can only be performed at the main headquarters office.