Office Locations

Please note as of February 2023 our Administrative Division has moved.
Administration is now located at:
483 East Cowboy Way, Labelle FL 33935

Civil/Warrants has moved across the street to the first floor of the Court House located at:
25 East Hickpochee Ave. Labelle FL 33935

The jail, supply, and evidence will remain at 101 South Bridge St. Labelle FL 33935
**To speak to any of these divisions you will need to pick up the red phone located in the lobby.

1.) West District - District Headquarters 
     101 South Bridge Street LaBelle, FL 33935
      Main Office: 863-674-5600

2.) East District - District Headquarters
     100 East El Paso Ave. Clewiston, FL 33440
      Clewiston Office: 863-805-5000

3.) 9045 SE Raintree Blvd. LaBelle, FL 33935
      Port LaBelle Annex: 863-674-5600