Mission & Core Values

Vision Statement
We envision a law enforcement agency highly professional in all its actions, an agency that is considered both a leader in law enforcement and a showcase of our profession.
We envision an agency cooperating closely with all levels of law enforcement agencies, and all entities of County and other governments, by sharing our talents, listening and understanding their needs.
We envision the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office as being staffed by highly competent, motivated, trained, educated members, equipped to meet the goals and objectives of our agency and needs of our community.
Mission Statement
The men and women of the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office are committed to excellence and integrity.  We strive to reduce crime while providing objective, fair and equal treatment for all.  We honor community and professional partnerships.
Core Values
The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office holds forth professional integrity as our overriding value.  Integrity includes:

- Being truthful, sincere and straightforward
COMMITMENT - Being compassionate, sharing and kind
LOYALTY - Being principled, accountable and supportive

Citizens – We are committed to improving the quality of life of our citizens and the safety of the communities we serve.
Teamwork – Every member of the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office is an important member of our team.
Professionalism – The members of the Sheriff’s Office will receive superior training and competitive compensation in order to attract and maintain the most professional members of our team.
Communication – All members of the Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to open and efficient communications with all members of our team, the public that we serve, other organizations that serve our community, and the media.
Cooperation – The members of the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office will cooperatively and enthusiastically work with the citizens we serve and with other public/private agencies.
Accountability – Members of the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office will be responsive, accessible, and accountable.
Diversity – Hendry County is a community rich in cultural diversity.  The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the fair, respectful, and dignified treatment of all persons.
We shall...
Do everything within our power and authority to prevent criminal behavior from occurring in Hendry County.
Protect the Constitutional rights of all persons.
Treat all persons with dignity, respect, courtesy and compassion.
Always tell the truth.
Neither shirk from our sworn duty, nor use our power for personal gain.
Promote an open and trusting flow of information within our organization.
Make decisions consistent with high legal, ethical and performance standards to guarantee justice to all.
Hold all persons accountable for the reasonable consequences of their behavior.
Sustain an organizational climate within the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office in which our people can succeed.
We believe that......
Hendry County Sheriff’s Office personnel are committed to make Hendry County a better place to live, unselfishly serve its citizens and guests, and pursue excellence.
Our personnel develop commitment to excellence when they participate in decisions about the management of their areas of responsibility.
The best method to provide efficient and effective service to the citizens of Hendry County is to hire talented people, and give them the opportunities for training and education that they need to develop their talents and initiative in the fullest.
In fostering an environment that promotes creativity and encourages positive thinking throughout the Hendry County Sheriff's Office, personnel will be effective and take intelligent risks without fear of failure.
Victims of crime and their families need special consideration in coping with the traumatic experiences of suffering a violation of their personal rights, losing a beloved one, or loss of their personal possessions.
The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for treating victims of crime, and their families, in a manner, which assures their dignity, self-esteem and constitutional rights