Community Involvement

Explorers participate in numerous fund-raising events throughout the community, helping with crowd control and traffic control, fingerprinting small children and many other activities.

The Post attends a state conference with other law enforcement Posts at a state level with the Florida Sheriffs Explorer Association. The Explorers compete in events such as traffic stops, accident investigation, search and arrest, crime prevention and pistol competition. The competition is about seven (7) days and usually held in May or June of each year. Explorers also attend training camps during the months of April and October.

Explorers will have the opportunity to ride with a uniformed patrol deputy upon completion of all requirements set forth by the Post Advisor(s).

Explorers are a non-profit, charitable organization and a branch of the Boy Scouts of America and participate in numerous fundraising events from time to time. Proceeds are used for training materials, insurance and a percentage for training conference fees. All fundraising ideas and projects are left to the Commanding Officers of the Post and under the supervision of the Post Advisor(s). Fundraising ideas are accepted from all members.